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Fun game easy

Decent game but....

It's a fun little game, however, the ads are ridiculously long! I don't have a cat and I have to endure these long drawn out ads about cat food, etc. almost ready to delete. Short ads and a variety of them, no problem. That's why you get two stars! Change the ads, or I'll delete. Plain and simple. Too many other games to play. Got it? It's pretty f-ing simple.... well, now is been deleted!


I like the game a lot and would have given it 5 stars except for the farmer! I don't know what language he's speaking. Danish maybe? But it is rather annoying. All the farm animals are cute though.

Love it.

Easy game to play, fun and the graphics rock.

My fav!

It's always different, never get bored. Some are easy but some are hard. Unlimited lives and two worlds. Excellent choice

Charm check

Very good game nice and smooth

Farm charm

Great game lots of fun cariters.


I love the update!!

Nice game

Very soothing and pleasant. Good music and art.

Farm charm

Great fun! Challenging to boot!

Hate the new update

You took away the daily bonus. Makes me not want to play. Need the daily bonus to pass some levels.

No energy!!!

Love it, i can play as long as i want

Farm charm

It's a very fun game. And I like it.

Love the game but......

I love this game but I keep hitting the Rubys to continue playing by mistake. I wish you would ask to confirm that you want to use these Rubys because I don't mean to hit it. I just want to hit end game! I'm not gonna have any Rubys left when I really need them

Cute Game but...

There were way too many times that I found myself replaying levels 20+ times due to bad luck (for example, leaves would never fall next to caterpillars). Getting past levels started depending too much on dumb luck instead of strategy. Too much frustration and not enough enjoyment.


Love this game.


Awesome game to play!😊


Very cute game. Challenging but not too hard. Great way to pass the time!


Easy & difficult levels seem to alternate.

Farm Charm

Very pleased with the game so far, just started playing it last night but have found it cute and easy. If I could change one thing it will be the farmers distorted language that cannot be understood, it is a bit annoying, sorry just being honest :-)

Farm Charm

Fun game. Just the right level of difficulty. If they get too hard, I just quit the game. It's fun and easy to play.

Farm Charm

This is a fun game.

Farm Charm

Loads of fun. Great art work😀


Thank you for endless lives. Challenging enough to be fun to play!

Great Game

Been playing for a while and like the challenges. Another Smilley Gamer winner! I will recommend this game to anyone who likes challenging games.

Farm Charm

Great game

Very good

Awesome and very intertaining


Great game

Fun game

No lives to lose. Fun to play. Just keep playing until you pass the level.



Love this game

The cool thing about this game is you have endless chance to move on to the next level.

Farm charm

It is lots of fun to play. Haven't gotten far but it is easy to for the most part. 👍

Fun fun fun

Awesome game 😀😀😀I love the graphics it's pretty easy yet at times challenging ads are a little annoying but not as bad as some

Too Charming

Don't be fooled by the cute graphics of this game. It starts out with boards that explain the level, and each level builds up. Pay attention with the tutorials, at the beginning of level, it will help you as you progress through the game.

Farm Charm(ing)

Very cute app! I find myself getting hooked on this already! Addicting! Beware or you'll never get your work done!! Lol

Charm farm

I really love this game, and I would recommend it to anybody


I have been playing match 3 and match 4 games for a awhile, this is the best one yet, and the boosters are great I give it.👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 ups.


Very cute and easy to learn. I like the changing characters and boosters are great.

Great game!

Awesome game! Highly recommend!

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