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Fun but....

Farm Charm is a fun game but there’s WAYYYY to many adds. Every time I finish a round there’s an add. But other than that I totally recommend getting this fun free game.

Good fun, but...

It becomes a little boring after 100 levels or so. Not very exciting.

Don’t care for ads

Remove ads. Without chg.

Good game

Good game until I got to the level where the rules changed and there was no instructions or even notice that the rules had changed. Takes the fun right out of it

Great game

I did pay $2.99 for ad removal, a small amount. Love this game, it doesn’t take much thought, and I am moving along. Michele M. Still enjoying it, easy to move along.

Farm Charm

Cute game, fast paced & fun

A simple, satisfying relaxing fun little game

This is a fun little game that is challenging at the upper levels, but is still winnable without spending a bunch of money. Yes, you have to watch some ads, but where don’t you have to watch ads? I don’t find the ads in this game nearly as annoying as in some games...just saying... I like this game, it relaxes me at the end of the day, and that’s just fine with me!


❤️LOVE IT!!!❤️ I can tell the developers want me to have FUN, and I am! They’re not in it for the $. The ads in THIS game are, necessary of course, but they are WORTH sitting through because even the BOOSTERS are sometimes FREE even WITHOUT having to watch an ad. I am often pleasantly surprised when I click on “watch an ad for a booster” and the booster is just GIVEN without showing an ad. THANKS GUYS. I am looking for to playing a lot more of YOUR GAMES.


Game I can play and enjoy.


Who cares about the ads ! It’s just fun👀

Farm Charm

Love it,I’m addicted😊Fun game!

Great game

I bought a kit for 2.99 and got no ads,plus other bonus.I luv the game for now.I keep going back to play.So that’s good.

Too many ads

Though the game is different than some, and cute, having to watch a thirty second video between each level is nuts. And if you want to use boosters, you need to watch a thirty second video for a bomb, and a thirty second video for a match the object type bomb. Watching a minute and a half of videos between each level, not worth it in a long shot!

Farm Charm

I am addicted to this game. It challenges you to move forward. Lots of fun.

Love the game.

Too many ads for games I hAve already but I do like the game.


Too many; too long ads. Needs a go-to-guide with explanation of how to get pumpkins, sunflowers, and other hard to delete objects

Level 450

So is level 450 the last level because it says you have completed all levels but the top left says there’s more?

Kill the Ads

Tremendous Waste of my Time with constant ads popping—wanting to find something easy to play with my 4 Grands is slow and cumbersome 😱 There are hundreds of apps you can find every day that don’t require extra moves or pay—find something better


This game is so much fun that I have to literally set a timer for 1 hour to remind myself to stop playing!! It's so addictive!! Beautiful, creative, colorful graphics!! Fun sounds!! Challenging, interesting goals!! Most importantly, you RARELY have to purchase coins, jewels,etc.

Farm Charm

Love it

Fun game!

I enjoy this game and its different features! I have to say I read a review that said the ads are too long. I think some people think they should get something for nothing. Ads and in-game purchases are what create revenue for app creators. They aren’t making them for free! I just found out this game has a dream mode! Its awesome!

Farm Charm

Fun, but the 6 times I couldn’t get my charms??! Help! Fun!5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️fun. Thank you!!!!!

I meant Farm charm 333

This game is stuck or something it doesn’t fill the buckets no matter what you do. Please fix it.

My new favorite!

Phooey on whoever couldn’t wait 30 seconds for an ad to run! I say give this one a try and see for yourself. Those ads are what provides us free games to waste away the day. Thanks!

Love it.

Love it.


Fix the boosters! They haven’t worked in quite a while!

Worth it!

Took out the ads for $1.99, and I’ve been playing non-stop. Challenging enough puzzles, without being frustrated. Unlimited lives. Thank you for letting ME decide how much I want to play. The little chickens make me laugh too. Happy game.

Farm Charms

I really enjoy playing this game but charms are difficult! Very challenging & fun!!

To many adds ! Ruins the game!😡😡

To many adds! Ruins Game!!!!😡

Great match 3

Fun, challenging with great graphics. Much better than most of the match three games I've played.

Farm charm

Are you going to have more levels I beat both worlds and I love this game

Nice Inexpensive ‘Low Key’ Game

If you are looking for a low key game, with just enough of a challenge not to over stress yourself, then this is the game for you. You only need to buy ‘gems’(as opposed to coins) if you want 5 extra moves after a game session ends, and that is only if you like some extra moves. I personally bought a few ‘gems’ so I could avoid the commercial adds, as the prices are reasonable. Also, if I get stuck on a level, I have the ‘gems’ to help me out. Another positive feature with this game is that you don’t need to worry about buying extra lives, as you can play a game level until you master it without worrying about loosing lives. This is a very accommodating feature that the Developer has created. As I stated earlier, this is a very low key game that plays relaxing music in the background. So, if you’re more inclined to games that have much action and fanfare, this probably isn’t the game for you. The game is a typical 3-in-a-row matching game that progresses in moderate difficulty over time. The first levels of the game start quite easy, but as you progress, there will be some levels that are a bit tricky, but you shouldn’t get stuck on a game level too long. Though I favor some Apple game apps (e.g., Disco Ducks, Wizard of Oz, Cookie Blast, Cookie Cat, Toy Blast, Word Cross, Crunch Time etc.) which offer more entertainment value, and have comical characters, I like to play the game Farm Charm from time to time - simply for fun relaxation when I need a break from the more adventurous games. 😋

Great entertainment

I enjoy playing this game, enlist lives and no ads after making the one time payment. I have downloaded 3 of this makers games and I am enjoying all three of them.

So so

Okay but not very challenging


Waaaaaaaaay too slowwwwww!

Fun game!

I use games to relieve stress and this game is perfect! I have to think, but not too hard.....and there’s more going on then just matching. I find it challenging but also calming...definitely recommend!


Please update dream world!! Need more levels. I like both ok but love dream world. Just finished the last level.

Irritating time waster.

If you like being interrupted every two seconds then get it.

Fun game

I’m really enjoying this game. I really like match 3 games and this is becoming my favorite.


Very addictive

German in the English version

It would be a lot better if the little farmer guy spoke English, my granddaughter just doesn’t get it, and yes I checked and we have the English version

Fun game

Love the game !!!!

Love ❤️ this game

So very addicting and so much fun‼️I like how there are 2 different worlds to choose from to play on. 😉 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Farm Charm

Fun little game😉


The minute an ad appears, I disappear. Why don’t ad blockers work !

Love This Game!!

Spend the $1.99 and remove the ads if you can’t stand them because this game is worth the price many times over! It’s fun and fair and the developer just wants you to have fun not spend money. Each level is made so you can’t win even if you have to play the level a few times to beat it. My favorite game of all time, this one and Gummy Drop is another one.

No No rewards after winning a level. To many adds between games..

Spend more time on adds than time playing a level. Rewards for winning a level are none. Played 129 levels and received NO rewards. Here is the fun of winning and not receiving?

Kid game

Love the game can’t but it down


This is a fun game to play! I don’t mind watching the ads because it better then having lives and having to wait for your lives to come back when you have used them all. 😁

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