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No No rewards after winning a level. To many adds between games..

Spend more time on adds than time playing a level. Rewards for winning a level are none. Played 129 levels and received NO rewards. Here is the fun of winning and not receiving?

Kid game

Love the game can’t but it down


This is a fun game to play! I don’t mind watching the ads because it better then having lives and having to wait for your lives to come back when you have used them all. 😁


Too many ads. Unless of course you are willing to spend money in their store.

Animal sounds.

There’s one animal on the bonus bar at the bottom that sounds like it’s saying the F word. VERY annoying

Farm charm

Lots of fun

Farm charm

Too many ads. And no option for getting rid of them. Otherwise great gamw

Great game!

I have learned to handle the ads! I really like the perks and the bright colors. Keep them coming!

Farm Charm

Fun game!

Farm charm

It would be a good game but I won’t play it as much due to the 30 second ads! I won’t waste much time on it. Anyone wants to sit and watch 30 second ads every level almost well that’s the game for them. Or do you people want us to play the game or not! Till you do something about the 30 second ads I’m not playing the game. You can’t even x it out if you got the game you are showing which most of them I have. Any ads you show that are 30 seconds long I will not get so bring it on. You will see I’m not the only one out there wants to sit Thur thoses long ads

Fred Hoffman

I’m really enjoying the game

Love all of your games

Love your games. Have played several varieties. This is the newest one and it’s great! They are hard on some levels but not too hard. And the best part you never run out of lives. So many games do that and they get boring and I delete them. Thank you for making your games fun to play.

Farm Charm Gal

Cute can't tell yet

A favorite

It’s a great fun game that gets harder as you go up the levels but you can keep trying until you get it right. Give it five stars because it so much fun it’s very very hard to stop playing once you start. It’s not at all like the other match three games. This one has a lot more and better challenges.

Farm Charm

Sorry, I will be deleting this game ads and other games popping up is too busy for me. The game is nice though.

Farmy and charmy!

Calm relaxing fun. I love the Dreamland mode.

To hard

I don’t like really easy games but once you level up high, it’s just to hard.

Farm charm

I like this game!! Challenging enough to keep my attention but not so challenging that it adds to one's stress level. Also there is no " you're out of this & it will only cost you that!!"

Different game

I just started playing last night and at first I was sure I would get rid of it. But it's turned out to be ok I guess I have been playing the fast games that it made me bored but it's gotten better so I plan to keep playing this one. This is the only game that I haven't go tensed up so it's a keeper. Be great if I New what the little guy was muttering.

Farm charm

Challenging but possible. Love this game.

Endless play

Like this game because you don't run out of lives. And it doesn't cost a small fortune every time you play. Want more games like this!

Farm Charm

This is a fun game to play.


Fun filled game.

Only Game I Play

Some easy, some hard. I like the rewards in the first world where you choose and it is based on luck. In the dream world, it assigns rewards - I don't like that. Overall, fun game that can be challenging but allows for stress-free play.


Just started but it's easy, just what you need after a hard day. Relaxing, fun and cute. Can't wait for next level. Mommom22


Nice game

Farm Charms

Was very happy until it froze and I went from a level 72 to 1


A very fun game.

Farm Charm Match 3

Fun game

Fun match game!

This game is fun and I love there are two games in one. You can play the Dream World or Regular World. Great power ups.

Farm charm

It's a very fun game. And I like it.


Fun game easy

Decent game but....

It's a fun little game, however, the ads are ridiculously long! I don't have a cat and I have to endure these long drawn out ads about cat food, etc. almost ready to delete. Short ads and a variety of them, no problem. That's why you get two stars! Change the ads, or I'll delete. Plain and simple. Too many other games to play. Got it? It's pretty f-ing simple.... well, now is been deleted!


I like the game a lot and would have given it 5 stars except for the farmer! I don't know what language he's speaking. Danish maybe? But it is rather annoying. All the farm animals are cute though.

Love it.

Easy game to play, fun and the graphics rock.

My fav!

It's always different, never get bored. Some are easy but some are hard. Unlimited lives and two worlds. Excellent choice

Charm check

Very good game nice and smooth

Farm charm

Great game lots of fun cariters.


I love the update!!

Nice game

Very soothing and pleasant. Good music and art.

Farm charm

Great fun! Challenging to boot!

Hate the new update

You took away the daily bonus. Makes me not want to play. Need the daily bonus to pass some levels.

No energy!!!

Love it, i can play as long as i want

Love the game but......

I love this game but I keep hitting the Rubys to continue playing by mistake. I wish you would ask to confirm that you want to use these Rubys because I don't mean to hit it. I just want to hit end game! I'm not gonna have any Rubys left when I really need them

Cute Game but...

There were way too many times that I found myself replaying levels 20+ times due to bad luck (for example, leaves would never fall next to caterpillars). Getting past levels started depending too much on dumb luck instead of strategy. Too much frustration and not enough enjoyment.


Love this game.


Awesome game to play!😊


Very cute game. Challenging but not too hard. Great way to pass the time!


Easy & difficult levels seem to alternate.

Farm Charm

Very pleased with the game so far, just started playing it last night but have found it cute and easy. If I could change one thing it will be the farmers distorted language that cannot be understood, it is a bit annoying, sorry just being honest :-)

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